Help, My Dog Won’t Stop Shedding – 10 Tips to Control Shedding

Help, My Dog Won’t Stop Shedding – 10 Tips to Control Shedding
Do you feel like you’re losing the war against dog hair? You vacuum and clean and still there’s dog hair everywhere. So what can you do to help control your dog’s shedding?
1. Make sure that you are feeding your dog a high quality dog food that has a good protein source.
2. Add a good quality fat supplement to your dog’s food like VitaCoat Plus, Salmon Oil or Coconut Oil
3. Have regular Veterinarian check-ups. Your veterinarian will examine your dog to make sure there is no medical reason for your dog’s excess shedding. Your veterinarian can also make suggestions for a good quality dog food for your dog.
4. Inspect your dog weekly to ensure there are no fleas or ticks on your dog. Fleas and ticks can cause intense itching and scratching which will cause even more shedding.
5. Vacuum regularly to keep the dog hair under control. Dyson makes the Animal vacuum that is excellent for removing dog hair from carpets. Hoover also make a vacuum specifically for homes with pets.

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6. Use a Swiffer or Microfiber floor cleaner to remove dog hair from any tile, hardwood or laminate floor surfaces.
7. Brush your dog often. If they are shedding heavily, daily brushing may be necessary.
8. Use the right grooming tools to help control shedding. The Furminator line of shedding tools does a great job of removing loose hair on your dog. A shedding blade works great for removing excess hair on short coated dogs. A slicker brush can also remove quite a bit of uundercoat from your dog. The more hair you brush out, the less hair you will find laying around your house.
9. If the shedding is really bad, consider purchasing a sofa cover and car seat covers. This will help keep the hair off your furniture and are easily washed and dried.
10. Regular baths with a good shampoo and conditioner can help to soften your dog’s hair and skin and may help with the shedding.
If you follow these tips, you should find significantly less dog hair around your house. Brush your dog regularly and vacuum often and you should have your dog’s shedding under control.