Top 4 Ways For Your Overweight Dog To Get in Shape

Top 4 Ways to Help Your Overweight Dog Get in Shape 300x300 Top 4 Ways For Your Overweight Dog To Get in Shape

Top 4 Ways For Your Overweight Dog to Get in Shape

Is your dog starting to get a little pudgy like mine was? Then maybe your overweight dog needs to find some new ways to exercise. Daily walks are a great start to your dog’s exercise program, but to really keep him in shape you need to do more. The following 4 activities for your dog will help him lose weight, get in shape and relieve boredom.

Puppy Pilates
Pilates for people can strengthen your core muscles and help your sense of balance. Pilates can do the same thing for your puppy or dog. Pilates will increase your dog’s awareness of his body and legs, strengthen his or her core muscles and allow your dog to have fun while he or she gets in shape. To teach your dog or puppy to do Pilates, you just need a few common household items. Gather a phonebook or a sturdy box that is taped shut and some tasty treats for your dog. Place the box or phonebook on the floor. Place a piece of an old bathmat or a piece of non-slip drawer liner on the box or phonebook so your dog does not slip. Or you can try the Fitpaws Balance Disc that’s made just for this purpose.
Take a treat in your hand and lure your puppy or dog on the box. At first, just try to get both their front legs on the box. As soon as they put both front legs on the box, praise them and give them a treat. Once your dog or puppy is comfortable with their front legs on the box, keep the treat in front of their nose and move a little bit to the right. This should cause your dog’s back legs to move to the right. Then take step to the left. This will teach your dog how to effectively use his rear legs. It will also help to strengthen your dog’s back legs and core muscles.

Stretching is great exercise for your dog or puppy. Take a treat and move it around to your dog’s right hip and have him stretch and reach for the treat. Then have your dog stretch toward his left hip. Take a treat and bring it down between your dog’s front legs, so he drops his head and stretches his back and neck.

Fetch and Tug Games
Playing fetch is another great way to help keep your dog in shape. For a great game of fetch, you can use tennis balls, flying discs or whatever toy your dog likes best. A game of tug, using an old sock or dog toy will strengthen your dog’s muscles. It will also give you a great arm and shoulder workout. For times when you can’t be around, the Tether Tug will give your dog a great workout.

Agility Training
Agility training is a great way for your dog to get in shape. They will learn to jump, weave and go through tunnels and chutes. They will also learn to climb the A-frame and negotiate the dogwalk and see saw. Agility will help to improve your dog’s overall fitness and help them develop a better sense of balance.