Christmas Tree Dangers to Dogs

Christmas Tree Dangers to Dogs 300x300 Christmas Tree Dangers to Dogs

Your Christmas Tree looks lovely all decorated and lit up for the Holiday Season, but it can pose dangers to your dog.

Pine Needles – Although pine needles are not toxic to dogs, they can still cause vomiting, diarrhea and can also cause irritation in your dog’s mouth. To prevent these issues, vacuum often or use an artificial tree.

Salt Dough Ormanemts – These popular ornament made with salt, flour and water can be toxic to your dog if eaten. If you wish to display these, either display them on a shelf or hand them high on your tree where your dog can’t reach them.

Christmas Lights – If you have a young dog who likes to chew, make sure all strings of lights and extension cords are out of reach of your dog. Either put presents over the extensions cords or use portable fencing to keep your dog away from the tree.

Tinsel and Glass Ornaments – Tinsel can cause a an intestinal obstruction if your dog eats enough of it. Glass ornaments can cut your dog’s mouth, throat and intestines if your dog decides to eat one of them. Hang glass ornaments high on the tree, however if your dog does get a hold of an ornament, several spoons of pure pumpkin or a couple of slices of bread with help catch the glass fragments and help them pass through your dog’s intestinal tract. However, if your eats an ornament, you should always check with your veterinarian.

Tree Water – Tree stumps can contain fertilizer and bacteria that can be transferred to the tree water. This can be harmful to dogs who drink the tree water. To prevent this, keep your tree stand and water covered with a tree skirt or use an artificial tree.

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