Great Inventions For Feeding Your Dog

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Great Inventions For Feeding Your Dog

Are you looking for an innovative way to feed your dog? There are timed feeders, travel bowls and raised feeders available among many, many others. One of these great inventions should make mealtime great for your dog.

Neat Feeder
When your dog eats and drinks, does he slop food and water all over your kitchen? With the Neat feeder, you place your dog’s food and water bowls inside of the top tray of the feeder. The tray has a high rim around it to contain food and water spills. It contains a drain on the upper tray the flows down into the lower tray where your dog can’t spill it.

Slow Feed Bowl
If you have an overly excitable dog that slide his bowl across the floor and downs his food in record time, this bowl will help slow him down. The bowl has a rubberized bottom that will keep it from sliding across the floor and it has dividers inside the bowl that will help slow your dog down at mealtime.

Raised Dog Feeders
Raised dog feeders are great inventions that make mealtime easier and healthier for your dog. By elevating you dog’s food in a raised dog feeder, your dog will take in less air with their food. This means less gas will form in their stomach and there will be less of a chance of bloat. They also help to reduce mess as most food will fall back into the feeder if the dog does not eat it.

Automatic Dog Feeders
Another great invention for feeding dogs is the automatic dog feeder. These allow a dog’s owner to feed the dog at a specific time. The feeder has a programmable timer that the dog’s owner can set so that food is dispensed at the proper time. Some models can even dispense small portions of food to your dog throughout the day.

Collapsible Dog Travel Bowls
If you travel a lot, collapsible travel bowls are a great invention you can take along. There are models that are made of collapsible nylon. These can be folded down and packed in a pocket or travel bag. They are also available in a collapsible silicone or plastic version.

Talking Pet Feeder
One great invention you can try if your dog has separation anxiety is the talking pet feeder. The talking pet feeder has a voice recorder in it. You can record a ten second message for your dog. The talking pet feeder is motion activated and your dog will hear your voice whenever it comes near the pet feeder.

Spill Free Bowls
Spill free bowls have a large rounded rim that curls back toward the inside of the bowl. This ensures that any spilled or dropped food is redirected back into the bowl. They keep your dog’s food in his bowl and helps prevent waste and messes.
There are so many options available today for feeding your dog, that you are sure to find one that is perfect for your dog.

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